Red, Yellow & Blue

What is it about the primaries that is so appealing? I have done a lot of quilts in these colors and find them easy and satisfying to design.

                                     Leaf hand appliqué square 12″
                                    Nine patch Nine patch quilt 13″ square

The one color in this combination that I do have trouble with is the blue, which is odd – I love to wear blue and decorate with it as well. My blue fabric collection is not a good one. When I am digging through the shelf for a blue to use in a project, I often don’t find what’s in my head. Blue is the color I most often rip out, as was the case with the star hexagon project!

This is supposed to be my travel and nothing-better-to-do project, but of course I was anxious to play with the colors. Good thing, as in the morning light I found that the medium blue with the tiny dots on it seemed so dull. My quilts are often blazingly bright and I was trying to be a bit more subdued with this one, but the blue just did nothing for me. So, I auditioned some more blues and chose the blue/black print which is an ancient Jinny Beyer fabric that appears in many of my quilts. It is a great color and I noticed that it also made the sweet yellow print even perkier! Good deal.

I did “need” to try a little of the background just to see what it will look like…and now it will go in a tote bag for the next trip…

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