Focused on Shibori

On Friday, Eloise, Yolanda and Eula came for a class in shibori dyeing. What a day we had! They made some incredibly beautiful fabrics and were so intent on wrapping, clamping and tying that I could hardly get them to stop so that we could put the fabrics in the dyepots and eat lunch.

Yolanda used lots of marbles to make a beautiful piece of fabric which you can see further down the post.

Eloise brought some commercially dyed fabrics and got great results.

Like this – this fabric was a gold and was dyed with in the red violet  bucket – wow! Isn’t it amazing?

Eula wrapped and wrapped what I call spider webs…

…and look how lovely they are.

This is the front and back of a white on white print. Yolanda got a “two fer”. The white on white looks very Japanese to me.

Clamping always looks so dramatic.

And here’s the clean up at the end of the day. Isn’t this an interesting assortment of stuff?

5 thoughts on “Focused on Shibori

  1. Wish I was close so I could take your dye classes. I have some dyes. I just need inspiration and motivation. Anyhow, lovely results. I especially like the overdyes of the gold and white on white.


    • I always have a bit of trouble getting set up for dyeing, but then I have so much fun I can hardly stop! Last week I did wool dyeing early int he week and then set up for cotton. I’m back to wool again as I have something new I want to hook. I have some shibori I want to get back to as well….


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