Rug Hooking Class & Some Dyeing Results

Saturday was the first class of Primitive Rug Hooking at Pieceful Gathering. I was pleased to have 4 new ladies and a “repeater” from the last class. The first class is always rather crazy and I only took a few photos. Brenda from the last class has made some good progress.

Learning to hook can be a slow process…

…but there will be more to come after their second class in March.

Chicagoland had the most amazing snowstorm yesterday. The flakes were huge and looked like large feathers falling from the sky. It was a very wet snow and today everything is covered in white….but in the kitchen/dye studio it’s very colorful. Last week, I dragged all my dye supplies out. I so often do samples, which are 4″x18″ pieces and not very useable. One of my plans was to dye some larger, mottled pieces. I started with a green formula, using all three primaries. I dumped the dyes and salt into a pan with not much water and dropped the wool piece in. I didn’t stir it but let it sink in and absorb the dyes undisturbed. After about 20 minutes, I lifted it up with tongs, added the acid and dropped it back in. I did several pieces, varying the amount of dye I used. I love these results!

This is my favorite piece of the bunch. These fabrics are hard to photograph because there is such a variation in the colors that my camera had trouble focusing. It has all sorts of dark browns and golds swirling around. It will be an amazing piece to use for stems and autumn leaves!

Then this week, I started dyeing another set of colors. Pieceful Gathering and I are planning A Hooker’s Gathering next month, trying to get the ladies I have taught how to hook into a group! I had the idea that offering a free pattern each time we meet would be fun, so I drew a little runner. It will be easy to add borders to, so people can make it larger if they choose.

I am calling it Welcome Tulips and so I needed to dye some Spring colors. I did some dyeing over plain wool, but I also ripped some pieces of plaids and stripes and was delighted with the results! Aren’t these yummy colors??? Welcome Spring indeed…

3 thoughts on “Rug Hooking Class & Some Dyeing Results

  1. I’ve just started my first wool strip rug. I “punched” one and I’m fairly “hooked” on making rugs. Your fabrics look delicious, and I would like to learn to dye some of my own. Thanks for sharing. Patsye


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