Congratulations & What’s Next….

My DH Peter is starting a new job today! For some years he has had his own consulting and training business, mainly getting work from a company in Boston. Over the many years he’s been associated with them, he has had so many interesting clients, and that can be a very good thing. In December, as some of his favorite clients were joining together to start a new, bigger, better business, they asked him to interview for a job with them. After an interview and some phone conversations, Peter was hired and was so happy as he walked out the door this morning to begin a new chapter in his career!

In December, I had a post for January rattling around in my head about our plans for 2012. So often when you think everything is going to stay the same and you know what’s coming next – well – it all changes. Our plan for this year still includes taking a great trip or two to celebrate our great big birthdays. But The Really Big 2012 Plan was for me to research where we should move next. We moved to Illinois for Peter’s job, which he lost during the Fall of the economic downturn. We like living here but it isn’t “our spot” and when we thought we’d like to move a few years ago, the real estate prices prevented us from doing so.

Although the new job doesn’t require a move (and I am so sorry about that…) we have decided to move in 2013, no matter what price we get. Although we are pretty old, we don’t plan to retire. Or I should say that Peter has no plans to retire as I make a tiny amount of money any given year. But we did think we’d like to find “our spot” after moving so much over the years. And that’s easier said than done. We have almost always moved because of a job of Peter’s, which makes it so much easier since you have a target area. You’d think that if someone said to you “you can live anywhere you’d like” that it would be fabulous, but it’s really hard. And for this move we’d like to find a place that sings to both of us and  where we can do fun things and meet interesting people. Colorado was my spot for finding friends. I had a wonderful group of women to play with. Peter has found his group here in his Amateur Radio Club. Next move we’d like to find a lot for both of us.

So, I am starting to do some research in books like Nextville, websites like, and magazines like Where to Retire. I read lots of blogs and pay attention when people talk about their home towns. When we figure out Peter’s job and his schedule, I will start to travel and check out new locations. If you live somewhere that you love or have a spot where you long to move, let me know! I am curious and open to anything.

And to Peter – congratulations and good luck!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations & What’s Next….

  1. I don’t know if I mentioned Boise, Idaho to you before. My good friend, Becky, here in Colorado, has done a ton of research and found that to be the place for them. If you’d like her email, let me know. She would be happy to fill you in on what she has learned.
    Of course, I think you should move back to Colorado– Evergreen to be exact!!


  2. Congratulations to Peter! But I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving the area. I’d move to California, pref. southern, but it’s pretty expensive. Since you’re looking some years ahead to retirement, don’t pick a cold winter area.


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