Gail Garber Class – day one

Peter and I drove down to Bloomington Indiana last Thursday, so that I could take a quilt class and attend The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. I’m not sure how I got on their mailing list, but this year when the e-mail came, I looked over the classes and was pleased to find one just for me – a two day design class with Gail Garber! Though I wasn’t sure I knew her, when I looked at her website, I certainly knew her work. I do a lot of drafting, but not stars or circular flying geese, so the class would be a great challenge.

Here is the stack of fabrics I collected. Happily we were driving, so I was able to take whatever I wanted and not pay baggage fees! The fabric on the top is the focus fabric and there are backgrounds and light and dark values of a lot of colors. Plenty to choose from, but not too many….I have discovered that I can get caught up with choosing colors!

One of Gail’s primary rules is that she only gives 3 sets of instructions at a time and then the students get to work on those. I appreciated that as I was a bit nervous about dealing with a protractor. I had nightmares remembering Sophomore geometry class with Dottie D as I got more and more lost and confused! I bought one of the protractors that Gail recommends and sells and it is a nice tool. We began by learning how to draw circles and all the necessary divisions to draw our designs. Most everyone was finished drawing by lunch, which was amazing to me.

Then we chose fabrics. I was sitting with my stack in my lap and Gail came by to help select. It was really fun as she and I have similar taste. As I went through the stack and a great color would appear, we’d both quietly gasp and I’d pull out the fabric. I was glad to have her help as she has done so many of these stars she had a good idea of where to put bright colors and where they should be less so.

Then to the cutting. Gail’s rule, and a good one it is, is to measure each piece, add a generous inch and make the shapes rectangular, rather than the weird shapes they actually are. I had trouble with that precut-all-the-pieces-before-you-sew rule. I am sort of an instant gratification person and I was so anxious to see what my wedge would look like. But precutting means that you can sew and sew, so I did it.

This is the fun part. Here is the wedge, all sewn and looking really crazy.

And here it is, all neat and tidy!!!

Whew! That was a full day of work. Much as we probably all wanted to stay and finish the whole circle, the ladies arrived at our door to lock it for the night and Day One was over.

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