Gail Garber Class – day two

Day two started early. Gail needed to leave for a quilting cruise before the scheduled ending, so we tweaked our times. I was in my seat and sewing at 8:30. Gail sews her pieces like an assembly line, working on all 8 pieces at once. I did 4 at a time, for space reasons. Paper piecing is slow work, but I had the first half sewn before lunch. After lunch, we met at the front table to do more drafting. Everyone brought what they had completed. Are these not wonderful ???

Gail is demonstrating the many ways to design within the circles around the stars.

We spent the afternoon watching demos and drafting our own. Gail was such a good teacher; constantly circulating, answering questions and encouraging us. (This sort of class, when you need drawing space and then sewing space is a bit tricky. I dumped all my sewing supplies on the floor to work on our “assignments”and what a mess it was to pack up!) Gail must love teaching this class – – –  here are some fabulous stars created with her instruction. This one belongs to my “table mate” Claire. Claire lives not far from me and I was delighted and surprised to make a new quilt friend from Illinois in Indiana! Isn’t her design is so elegant and crisp?

Ellen sat behind us and she lives in Bloomington and works at a museum. Isn’t her design different? She is working in a series and using some African textiles as her inspiration.

Wow – I think this one is my favorite! I did not think of choosing fabrics with so much pattern on them, but what a fabulous effect they make!

And here’s such a bright and happy star! The paisley was her focus fabric and she pulled out some great fabrics to support it.

We got home on Sunday and the first thing I did on Monday was to complete my star. I’m pretty pleased with it! But this is only the beginning…

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