IHQS Quilts

The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show had some great quilts exhibited, from quilters all over the world. And here are some that I liked a lot. It’s interesting to look at the photos you take at a quilt show. My choices this time seem to run to greens and yellows, flowers and spiky things!

This one is called Bok Choy and I think it may be my favorite! I just love the colors and the design. It’s so well done that I can almost taste the crispness when you bite into them.

This is a beautiful appliquéd piece and a deserving prize winner.

This is a detail to show you the great dimensionality of this quilt, as well as the sparkly bits! It’s by Birgit Schueller of Germany.

Here’s another detail of a lovely hand appliquéd quilt by Suzanne Marshall. Her work is always incredible.

Since I was busy drafting flying geese, I admired this quilt. The geese look a bit nasty to piece…

And I am always interested in quilters who can actually cut up their mariner’s compass circles!!! I think I would find it difficult to do after spending a lot of time piecing them. It’s a really great design.

The show was held in Bloomington Indiana, a town that I knew nothing about. Duh. It’s home to the University of Indiana Hoosiers! Being a university town there were loads of stores that looked interesting (that I didn’t get to), as well as lots of restaurants and brew pubs and ice cream joints. We did our best to get to as many places as we could and will look forward to a trip next year to continue sampling.

4 thoughts on “IHQS Quilts

  1. What a pleasant surprise to see such nice things said about my Bok Choy quilt. Thank you for posting the lovely picture!

    Kay Pennington
    Bakersfield, CA


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