Milwaukee Road Trip!

Milwaukee is not far away from us and I have been wanting to explore there, not having been there for years and years. The place I particularly wanted to check out is what they call their Historic Third Ward area, an historic and trendy place! The weather has been unseasonably warm, so it was another reason to get out and sight-see. After munching on biscuits, doing some errands and grabbing a coffee, we headed up north to see what was happening. The Third Ward has a great website and we found our way there easily. Because of St. Patrick’s Day, I was afraid it would be too busy, but it wasn’t. (When we left, crowds were gathering at the many pubs and spilling onto the streets.)

We wandered around a bit and then decided on a brewpub for lunch. Milwaukee cuisine is made for Peter and he got some traditional fare!

There were places to buy cheese everywhere and this display caught my eye. Aren’t they cute? I wished we had someone to buy them for.

The area is filled with big old, blocky brick buildings, which I am becoming more and more fond of. This Button Building was really lovely, though it looked quite empty. I’d like to have an apartment with that great round room on the end. It could be the rug hooking, hand quilting studio!

The detail on this building made me think of the Eastlake Style of furniture and architecture which we have just discovered.

After window shopping and enjoying the Riverwalk and the oh-so-warm day, we decided we needed to have some frozen custard and then we drove home. Yum; it doesn’t get better than this!

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