Continuing the Design (Gail Garber class day three?)

I neglected to show you some of the quilts that Gail brought to class to inspire us. This is really full of great design!

And here is one of a tree series that she has made. There are so many ways to use flying triangles and related shapes!

Monday found me working on the star design again. I promised myself that this year I will finish what I start in a class. Not a novel idea, but not something I generally do. As I mentioned in previous Gail Garber posts, we spent all afternoon drafting many design ideas to circle the star we’d made. Here is part of my paper…

I “won” Gail’s design and here it what it looks like. As you can see, I have a lot of ideas to play with!

I want to make my first design sort of simple, so I decided to add a plain border around the star. This yellow bit looked nasty to piece, but it wasn’t too bad.

For the next round I wanted to do a shape that Gail calls “the Dudes”. The green guys in my star are Dudes and I do like the shape. The plan is to alternate green Dudes with turquoise Dudes to echo the interior design.

Ha! I drafted the Dudes and started piecing them. Then when I began to sew them together, I realized that their points needed to match. In class, I carefully drafted the star design so I had no points to match but didn’t anticipate what would happen with the border. I debated the pros and cons over lunch and decided that I like how it looks. And – I have decided not to get too wound up with whether the points match perfectly or not. It’s a learning piece, after all. This circle row was even easier to attach to the center circle (lots of bias no doubt) and it pressed fairly well. Can you see the many points that don’t exactly match? (Honestly – we women are so hard on ourselves!)

This star is finished and I really don’t know what to do next. I’m thinking of drafting some more stars and then decide how to put them all together in a quilt top. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Continuing the Design (Gail Garber class day three?)

  1. Wow, that first design of Gail’s is fabulous. Your circle looks pretty darn good too. I don’t really see what you are saying about the points but don’t explain it to me and I will never know!


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