A Hooker’s Gathering 3/24

Saturday was a busy day! I had two events at Pieceful Gathering; one was the second meeting of Primitive Rug Hooking and the other was A Hooker’s Gathering; our attempt to get the ladies who have learned how to hook, together. PG has many clubs and we are hoping to get one going for the hookers. I thought it would be fun to give everyone a free pattern each time we have a Hooker’s Gathering. If they like it, then we can get it traced onto linen and color plan the design. Here is what I have completed of the Spring design. It’s a runner I called Welcome Tulips!

I was very pleased that my hooking buddy/student/fellow blogger Laura said she’d like to do it as well. Laura loves all colors and designs primitive and I knew hers would be dramatically different from mine. And here is Laura with a brighter than usual palette! (She must have been feeling Spring-y too.) She is using a wider cut of wool, so her overall design is larger.

Laura has done a lot of hooking since taking a class with me. Here is her latest rug next to an antique rug of mine.

Nancy came to the Gathering and brought a new piece she’s started.

This woman came to the Gathering with lots of projects she had hooked. I am sorry I don’t remember her name! This was a pattern she said she’d designed herself. Very sweet!

And this pattern I think she said was supposed to be a runner. She didn’t want to do it that way and divided it and made two pillows. Clever idea!

Two ladies from former classes have been working on the Katie’s Leaves pattern. Julie is done and was trying to decide how to finish her piece. She’s thinking of making a pillow.

Brenda worked on her pattern during the Gathering and class and got quite a bit done.

I thought the Gathering went well and am hoping for a good group attending on June 16th.

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