Designing the Geese

The next step in designing my Gail Garber stars and geese quilt was to draft and piece more stars. That was quite easy to do as I drew on the one I had already started. I used a wedge shape with no lines on it and drew two new ideas. And here they are! I wanted them to be different but to share some of the same fabrics so they looked like “a set”.

Then I had to go to the grocery store to buy a new roll of freezer paper! I have had the old one for many years, but this quilt is really using it up. I taped 3 sheets about 40″ long on the floor. (I’d hoped to do this all on the diningroom table, but it’s an oval shape and so I couldn’t use it.) I placed the three stars on the paper and drew their radii. Then, after some thought and a bit of sketching, I added the line of flying geese that I hope you can see. There are 33 geese!!! Whew! My knees did not feel great after crawling around on the floor for several hours.

I was lucky to complete everything before I acquired a paperweight. I did the work after lunch, when Jasmine and Gizmo get snacks and usually take long naps. This was a good plan which I shall remember. (This is Gizmo.)

The next step was choosing colors. I have a lot of hand dyed rainbows and will certainly use them for the next quilt of this sort that I design, but since I had used commercially dyed and printed fabrics, I thought I should continue. And here you can see why quilters collect fabrics – after running up and down the stairs many times, I had a lot of good possibilities for a rainbow.

Now to sew them. I can’t wait to see how I did in choosing the rainbow colors!

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