Cool Tools: Technology!

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I have been paining a bedroom and working on my computer the last few days, clearing and cleaning and organizing. Somehow I had 329 e-mails in my inbox and my screen was as cluttered as my “real” desk area is ! I was thinking about how amazing phones and computers and iPads are and thought it was time for a cool tools post.

I have been trying to add a new logo to the sidebar, I don’t know why I am having such problems! But anyway, you have probably all heard of Pinterest and I have been playing with it for a bit. I can understand if you look at it and think “huh?”, but I find it incredibly appealing! It feels like a very elegant virtual scrapbook to save things I like. I spend way more time than I should on the Internet, looking for design ideas and blogs written by interesting people. I admit to pulling images off and printing them on paper for my design files. With Pinterest, I can do it virtually and share them with others. The fun begins when you find pinners who share your interests from all over the world. I have not really explored the whole variety of pinned things; I tend to look at fiber arts and colorful images. Check out my pages and see what you think! If you’d like an invitation let me know and I will send you one. Unfortunately you have to join Twitter or Facebook, but I joined Twitter and just ignore the account. (And I will get that logo up!)

I was telling a friend about games that I have on my iPad and iPhone and she pretty much said she thought it was stupid… I love my games, even though I am a pretty old lady and here’s why – they’re fun! How many times have you sat in a doctor’s office waiting for them to get to you? My former OBGYN was wonderful, but unless I was one of the first patients of the day, I often waited for an hour or two! I usually forgot a book and reading endless copies of Parents magazine wasn’t much fun. Now I turn the sound off and am totally amused as I wait. Here are some games I love! W.E.L.D.E.R. is my new fav! I really enjoy word games and this one is a lot of fun and as well as being visually appealing. It has the look of something very Steampunk. Ever since I learned to play Mahjong when we lived in Singapore, it has been a game I must have. It’s fun to change the backgrounds and tiles and arrangements. I also enjoy Sudoku and there are a lot of versions to choose from.

This app is now on my iPad and I think it will be great. It uses my finger as a pen and I can write notes and draw pictures and save or print it anywhere. It’s called Penultimate. I was just shopping at The Container Store, for instance, and there were some containers that I thought would be useful for the rug hooking supplies I am trying to organize. I took a picture of them. What I’ve found is that they get “lost” on my phone or I look at them later and don’t remember what I was thinking when I snapped a picture. Now I can paste the photo in Penultimate and scribble down the ideas I have for later. Pretty cool.

On my studio computer is the most wonderful site called Pandora. Peter introduced this to me and I love it. I spend hours and hours down here, sewing, hooking, designing, reading blogs and checking out Pinterest and I like to listen to music. I grew tired of my iTunes songs and so Peter suggested Pandora. You can create your own radio stations and it will play an endless variety of songs. Best of all, you can delete the songs or artists that you don’t like!!! There is a free version, but I listen so much that I had to subscribe. But it’s well worth it. Peter says he has loads of stations; I just have new age, current on the radio music, oldies and folk/international music. Oh and Christmas, of course. It won’t let me access the website without putting “my station” on the address, but it’s

Oh and just one more! This app is for the phone and is called Red Stamp. It has all sorts of templates for greeting cards, with and without places for photos. You can create a card, on the go, on your phone and send it off to a friend.

So there you have just a few of my ideas for fun and killing time….Let me know your favorites!

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