Bedroom Re-Do

We hope to put our house on the market in about a year’s time and there’s plenty to do to make it show well. My first big job has been to tackle the middle bedroom, used for housing junk! Another reason to get it finished as a bedroom is that we expect our nephew and his boys to visit this Summer and we will need it. First job was to clear it out. Two large bags went out in the trash, things that belonged elsewhere were put away and things I am not sure where to stow are in the bedroom next door. The whole house was painted with a very crappy beige color, so I purchased several gallons of good quality white (on the blue side) paint. We do want to put up some molding to give the rooms an upscale look, but we’ll do that later.

I plan to use this room to house all my wool and rug hooking supplies, so I looked at the Ikea catalog to choose shelves and an inexpensive single bed. I just love Ikea, which we first discovered when we lived in Singapore. It is the perfect place to find inexpensive and well designed things. This shelving is Expedit and it may be my new favorite. Just look at all these empty shelves… A twin bed will go in the middle. Peter and I spent a few hours putting them together.

Ikea thinks of everything you will need. Here are a few things that fit in the shelves. A cupboard door (to hide junk!) baskets and white boxes with labels. There were more possibilities, but these suited my needs.

I spent Monday organizing the big pieces of wool. Of course I had helpers. Jasmine found the piece of wool she looked prettiest on and supervised from there.

Gizmo had to try everything out for size…

and find the best vantage point.

And here is the wool shelf at the moment. I am pleased (and relieved!) that all the big pieces fit… There is lots more wool related stuff to organize and then I will furnish the room. We don’t have kids but this room is going to be “boyish”.

2 thoughts on “Bedroom Re-Do

  1. I almost bought one of those shelves in birch when I was in Atlanta but wasn’t sure I could get that big box in my car for the drive back. I love all the box choices they have to go with it. Your rolled wool looks perfect as is.


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