Warm Breezes…

I am entertaining myself for several days in the Tampa area while Peter is working at corporate headquarters! We brought the strong Chicagoland wind with us on Sunday and had an exciting landing… As we drove along the coast, the wind/kite surfers were out and the waves were frothy. It’s sweater weather in the morning – just a lovely temperature.

Tampa is a huge, sprawling city in 5 different counties, I think, but I wanted to see “Tampa proper”, so I drove downtown. I spent some time wandering around the historic Hyde Park area. First I noticed a wonderful smell and followed my nose to a jasmine vine and then I saw they are everywhere!


And then I discovered some gardenias….be still my heart…


Many people think that Florida is all theme parks and tacky tourist stores, but I know better and was searching for “old Florida”, which I found Hyde Park. There are cozy cottages…


Grand homes…


And some in between.


I could have spent all day photographing as I admired each house more than the last!


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