Such Intense Colors

One of the things I like about warm weather locales is that there is so much color going on, constantly making you aware that you are someplace different! Why are the birds brighter and the flowers so unreal looking? These flowers just blew me away….. They are off the chart, intensity-wise.

Parrots, of course, always have amazing color combinations. They are usually caged or restrained, like this guy, but when we were in Hawaii, we saw them flying in the jungle. It was quite startling to see these colors moving though the deep greens of the vegetation.

When I visit my brother in Florida I often see spoonbills, off in the distance, but Disney World has some that you can see close up and personal. This is a Roseate Spoonbill and I love her coloring! Doesn’t it look like someone took a paintbrush loaded with fuchsia dye and let it drip down her side? And doesn’t that nest of sticks look uncomfortable?

The area around the Mediterranean is full of beautifully painted buildings in intense colors. This is one of the towns of Cinque Terre in Italy.

In India, the buildings are dusty and earthy colored, but the local ladies brighten the scenery. The first time that Peter went to India, he said that he thought the ladies looked like butterflies! And they do. This is a group of dancers in fancy outfits that you wouldn’t see on the street.

Travel, anywhere, is a good way to recharge the creative juices. Seeing new colors, smelling magnolias or curries in the air, or hearing a foreign language spoken makes you move into a different place in your brain. And that’s the place where the creativity starts!

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