Eating Humble Pie…

with a side of crow!

For my Very Big Birthday, Peter got me a Very Big Present…a new Bernina! I am blaming this all on Claire, the lady I shared a table with at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. She and I spent the two days chatting and she mentioned her Bernina and its “stitch regulator” many times. On the long ride home, I thought about it. When the BSR came out several years ago, I was so excited! I find it very difficult to freehand machine quilt and so I went to a store to try it out. I thought it was good and I asked several friends their opinions. Unanimously, they said that they thought it would be best if I continued to practice only “regular” Pfaff. That, and the hefty price of the machine decided me.

Then, some years later, still unhappy with my stitching, I bought the Pfaff Grand Quilter. It is a wonderful big honking machine with just a forward and a backward stitch and it sews very smoothly. My free motion quilting improved, but after quilting all those quilts for my show in January, I still wasn’t happy with my work. On that ride home, it hit me – the women I asked about the BSR are fabulous quilters who win major prizes at quilt shows! Of course they would not need a regulator…

So now, many years later, I have been given the machine I wanted! And of course it is considerably more expensive and has more whistles and bells than I can believe!

And here’s the Humble Pie part – I have been making snarky comments about “Bernina people” for years. For you non-quilters, Bernina is Swiss- made and is the Maserati of sewing machines. I have found that their users can be snippy and dismissive of other brands… I took a machine quilting class at a big, local show a few years ago and the class had Berninas supplied. I brought my little Pfaff as I wanted to use my own machine and figure out the settings I would actually be using at home. The teacher came over (a very well-known woman) and asked me why I wasn’t using the Berninas. I explained; she sniffed and never came near me again! So rude. But the worst was a store owner. I was new to Chicagoland and went to her store which happened to be the largest Bernina dealership in the area. I was looking at fabrics and patterns and all and she started talking to me about machines. When I said that Peter had bought me the Grand Quilter for Christmas, she said that Pfaffs were c@#% and Berninas were the only machines worth buying! I was really upset and never went in again. (She’s out of business for not paying her taxes…)

That was a long, boring story, I know, but I felt the need to come clean. I promise, if I meet you in a quilt class, that I will not be a Bernina snob. I traded in my Big Pfaff, but I sill have my trusty little one, which seems to be a classic now. And I am going to spend the next few weeks becoming the wonderful machine quilter that I have been dreaming I could be.

So thanks to Claire for putting the idea back in my head. But the big thanks goes to Peter!!! {xox}

This is a P.S. to make you laugh! It is obvious what birthday I am celebrating here and I’m looking a bit dazed. Too much cake and ice cream perhaps??? My mother is to my right, as is my dear cousin Chris. His parents are looking on…

7 thoughts on “Eating Humble Pie…

  1. happy birthday to you!
    getting new toys is always fun — and super-douper-deluxe toys is even better! I have a Pfaff and love my choice….but didn’t seriously consider the Bernina at all because there is no dealer locally. I’m sure you will have lots of fun playing and getting acquainted….


  2. Congratulations on your birthday and your new Bernina! Peter is a sweetheart for giving you such an amazing gift! You are the reason I have my Grand Quilter, and several of my Colorado friends have one too, after trying mine! Unfortunately, they aren’t making them anymore. Keep us all posted on your quilting progress!


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