Grandmother’s Flower Garden Designing…

While on vacation in Florida, I took along the GFG star quilt. I got a bit done and then I continued sewing it when I got home – – – I wanted to finish the star part. And here it is! The hexagons are 1.5″ – so much larger than I usually sew. The star almost fills up the top of a queen sized mattress, which is a happy accident.

Now, the “what next?”. Obviously I want the star to be the center of the quilt. I was also thinking that other hexagon configurations would be in stripes above and below the star. But – what to fill in around the star? This picture below is hard to understand, but I got some (Christmas) flowers and placed them around the shape. They may work but it’s so hard to tell that I think I will have to get some graph paper out and do some drawing. Another issue is that I don’t have much of the background red, white and blue print and it’s a very old design. I’d like to sew another row of it around the whole design and then switch fabrics… I will have to do some quilt math and see if I have enough – I think I counted 54 hexes. I thought (;-D) I would do some fabric shopping this weekend to see if I can find anything that works well. In looking at this photo, I have another thought – the hexagon designs around the star need to be lighter (or perhaps the same repeat of colors?) so they don’t grab attention from the star.

This is a vacation, take along project, but I need to figure out what I am sewing next so that I can pick and cut fabrics to put in the baggie. Then it will go away until the next trip – I’m planning a where-to-move-next trip.


3 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Flower Garden Designing…

  1. Great progress! Have you considered concentric rings around the star in red, white and blue? You could add diamonds in the corners and fill with light background. Just a preliminary thought.


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