Foxy Ladies 5/12

Saturday was the monthly Foxy Ladies gathering. We had a fun time though I can’t say that I got a lot of hooking done! Too busy checking out hooking blogs on Karen’s iPad and discussing Pinterest and “must have apps”! Some people have been busy though…. Pam did this wonderful scene for her daughter Isn’t it dramatic?

Diane has been working on this fun rug off and on. It’s a great design and I like the textures she’s doing, like the prodded flower petals.

Linda does a lot of her own designs and has been working hard on this tiger. She has several pictures that she is using as references. Doesn’t it look realistic?

This design may look familiar to some of you – – – it’s Karen’s take on the Fish Eye Rugs‘ Amazing Matrix System! Karen says it’s going to be a runner. Love the colors!

And can you tell whose self-portrait this us? Karen was talking about it when I arrived and I don’t know the details, but I think it’s a great piece.

After a get-together, I have so many ideas…..there is just not enough time to do everything I want to do, but that is probably a good thing, right?

One thought on “Foxy Ladies 5/12

  1. Love Karen’s runner – thanks for sharing the picture! 🙂 In spite of all of the AMMs I’ve hooked already (including “Jumbo”, which is the same method), I still am not ‘done’ or even close to being bored with it. Straight row hooking is so quick, it’s easily addictive.


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