Dancing Around Big (Ber)Nina

I called the store where I purchased Big (Ber)Nina and they have no scheduled introductory classes, so I have been left to my own devices. These classes normally don’t seem useful to me, as I rarely, rarely use the many stitches and feet that come with fancy sewing machines these days. However, there is a lot to this machine and I will need the lessons. There is a screen on the machine, which shows little videos (!) and also a pretty good manual, so I am consulting them. Nina sat in the livingroom for some time waiting for my birthday, so we are both ready to go. After fiddling with the stitch length, which seemed very tight, I decided to proceed with my Gail Garber star quilt. I drafted another flying geese strip and decided to piece it in pale colors, to relate to the paler stars. I wasn’t sure where it should fly, but decided not to obsess about it as this is a class quilt. I was able to sew the seams using Nina, though there was a flashing red light on the screen.

So – here are all the design bits done!!!

Now to figure out how to piece this baby.

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