How to Piece Flying Geese & Stars?

I have very little idea….

This quilt began with one star drafted in a class with Gail Garber. Many stars and flying geese later, I have to decide how to get it pieced together… This is obviously not the way to design a quilt, but oh well. I looked at the freezer paper for a long time, wondering where to put breaks.

And here are all sorts of bits together. As I recall, Gail pieces the stars into the circles. {Envision an unhappy look on my face} Before I got too far along, I wanted to try this out, so as you can see, I do indeed have an opening.

This is the carrot that keeps me going – hoping it ends up looking something like this!

Hmmmmmm… as I look closer there seems to be a big overlap. {uh-oh}

Interesting photo. This is the pieced star, but what you can’t see is how much the background is curling over the star; it’s looking pretty bad. I am hoping that a good, stern pressing does the job. {crossing fingers & toes}

{not so much} Here is the area that I steamed and pressed and pinned on my ironing board and let sit. There are some very wrinkly areas. Sometimes, wrinkly bits smooth out when you get batting in there and quilt, but I am thinking not this time.

It -will-work out/in-a-hurry-me would let this go. However, after staring at it for some time I have decided to rip out the entire star circle {another unhappy face} and do some measuring. The star is close to lying flat, probably about 1/4″ off. I have a fairly large background space (to the right) with no geese, so maybe I can re-cut and ease in that direction.


2 thoughts on “How to Piece Flying Geese & Stars?

  1. Have you thought of appliqueing the star on the background and then trimming the back away? You could do the same with the geese but not cut away the back as it is not as much added bulk.


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