No Neck Birds Rug

I was planning the free pattern for the Summer Gathering at Pieceful Gathering quilt store a few weeks ago. Said Gathering is now cancelled (family trip!) but the hooking goes on. I did not need another rug hooking project, but I was so enamored of these birdies that I have started a little rug…

I thought birds was a good Summer hooking project, but I wanted to keep them simple for my (mostly) beginning hookers. I looked through my files of inspiration and my Pinterest pages and searched for shapes that didn’t require shading and could be “serious” or “whimsical” birds. Some wrapping paper gave me the idea I wanted: a simple rounded shape with no neck and a fat sort of beak. Wrens look like this and also some birds I was checking out when I bought cat food the other day. I drew and cut a bird body and then several tail and wing variations in colored paper. Then I spread them out on the marked linen to see about the size. The ladies at the Gathering will probably only want to hook one on a small piece of linen, but I wanted a flock!

I was very pleased with this design: the size is good (not too much fussy hooking for a size 6 piece of wool) and it’s a good beginning design project for those who have never designed. So I drew out one bird to hook.

For each Gathering, I try to introduce the ladies to one technique or idea. For this one I had promised to teach them what is called two color beading. Translation: hooking with two pieces/colors of wool at the same time. It’s a fun technique and adds the folksy, whimsical feel that I am so fond of. I learned how to do this in a class with Susan Quicksall last Summer. She uses it a lot on her wonderful birds. In the photo below, you will see it in the bird’s breast, the flower stems and outlining the fat flower middles. Isn’t it fun?

So here is the first no neck bird for your approval! I used plain colors in each area (no shading or detail) though I think there’s enough room should I choose to do that on another rug. I am using scrap wool {sigh} which is not so easy! It turns out that these shapes take more wool than I realized. The background will be dark wools, though I think I could have used lights as well. And I am going to try using a wider cut to fill in the large areas of background.


7 thoughts on “No Neck Birds Rug

  1. Bummer the gathering is cancelled? I LOVE the Susan Quicksall kit you are working on! What colors are the background? I’m currently debating of what to order now that I have my new customer wool samples from The Wool Studio. My Star Rug Company snowman rug is calling me….


    • Thanks everyone, for your Birdie love!!! The picture is of Susan’s work in progress…I did buy that pattern but haven’t started it. I am still finishing up the piece that I started in her class. Do check out her website to see the other wonderful patterns that she sells. I do have lots of The Wool Studio Wools, so let me know if you want to see them in person.


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