Summer Comes to Our Yard

Despite my misgivings about how a mild winter would affect the flowers and shrubs, it’s been a great blooming season! Here is an iris I love – guess why – because it looks like shibori!

And this pink one hasn’t bloomed much since I put in it but this year it was full of buds and blossoms. This was just the start. It is supposed to re-bloom in the Fall, and maybe this year it will.

We have a good bit of shade and I love these monochromatic Lady’s Mantle. They look wonderful along the front of the house and make great base material for flower arranging.

And I have been working on the container gardens, late as usual. I found this annual at a nursery. How do they breed it to make the colors do this ????? It’s another amazing shibori look and I love it!

We have a huge mixed border garden by the road across the whole property. It is a lot of work and this year we have been out there a lot. Because of cold and then wet and then vacation and then cold, the weeds got away from us and were insane. And after many years, the perennials need to be divided! I halved all the catmint and it is blooming happily. I had no idea that Black Eyed Susan’s spread, but I have hacked out two garden way wheel barrows full! We have been edging and mulching and it’s looking good. Soon, when the grasses get going, you won’t be able to see much, but I am SO pleased with its neat and tidy appearance.

Oh – and there is a garden right in front of the house and I haven’t gotten to that yet….oh and there are a few more out back….

Gardening is really never done.

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