Summer in the House

I have long changed the “decor” of our homes for the seasons. One of my grandmothers did that and I must have gotten the idea from her. She would get my father to come over (we lived next door) and all the Oriental rugs and heavy drapes were rolled up and stored. In their place came match stick curtains and I guess jute rugs; that part I can’t remember. It made an enormous difference…and it also means you can have more stuff!  ;-D

When we moved to Colorado from Japan, we bought a big new house and had nothing to sit on, so we bought a pair of brown loveseats. I loved them. When Summer came though, they looked so dreary and the upholstery must have a lot of synthetics in it because they made me hot to sit on them. What to do? My mother also did a modified Summer/Winter thing and had custom-made slipcovers….I am sure that would be an expensive option nowadays.

Then I got a Surefit slipcover catalog in the mail and decided that was the thing to do and I bought some denim covers. The loveseats looked so different that the next time my Evergreen quilting ladies came over they thought we had bought new couches! If you look at the brown version, you will see that “matching” pillows came with the furniture. Ugh. I have not been into matching for many years. I stuck the pillows away until one day I thought “Gee, I have 4 ready-made pillow forms!”. On the right above, you can see one I made for the Winter couch. Below are the pair I did for Summer. They are made from all sorts of Asian fabrics that I collected when we lived there – batiks from Singapore and China and the Indigo bunny is from Japan.

The back of the loveseats are what you see from the kitchen in this house (and in Colorado too) and it’s always looked so plain. Now you see it with the Animal Party quilt that I finally finished earlier this year. It is not just for show – we get plenty of cool weather that makes a light quilt feel good. In Asia I started collected blue & white everything, so that has been the default scheme ever since, with liberal amounts of yellow and red too.

Here is a yummy haori (Japanese ladies jacket) that I actually bought on eBay. Isn’t it a beauty? It’s such a dreamy blue.

Blue & white pots are all over the house, but they show themselves more prominently in the Summer. Here is a group with one of those minute Chinese double-sided embroideries.

For those of us who don’t have Summer homes, this is the next best thing!

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