The First “Ville” – Asheville

I did think that I would write to you as I traveled around North Carolina and Tennessee looking at places that we might live to live. Turns out that it has been time consuming and pretty tiring, thus my silence. Today I have some time and thought I would share some lovely pictures that I took in Asheville.

Grove Park Inn. It’s absolutely stunning. (it’s a bit tricky to add links on the iPad app, but google it and you can read all about it.)


Here you can see the Asheville skyline from the back of the hotel.


Area residents Molly and Joe. Molly and I have been friends since freshman year in high school!


They have a farm and I just love their barn.


I have more pictures on my iPad but the WordPress app doesn’t see them……I always have trouble using their app when I travel.

Oh well – having an interesting time and I’ll be in touch later this week.

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