The 6th Annual Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair

The Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair is a great Summer event in the Northern Illinois area and though I could not teach for them this year, my rug hooking group had a booth so I was still a small part of things. This year the guild areas were front and center and people literally bumped right up against us. It’s fun to chat with people and explain rug hooking. Whether or not people actually want to learn to hook, they are always so taken by this lovely craft. Each day our booth was manned by different guild members, so those who are at the fair all weekend see a different show each day. We had lots of goodies on Saturday! These are some small things.

This is Barbara’s tree of life and a portrait done by Karen Maddi Perks, I think.

The top rug is the first rug I hooked many, many years ago. I am not sure whose work is underneath.

Karen’s Catfish rug was a big favorite and one lady wanted to buy it. I wonder what she might have offered had it been for sale…

The Foxy Ladies meet in a small room with a lot of tables and chairs so we have trouble seeing large rugs. Saturday we were able to spread out and admire Barbara Gaynor’s wonderful fox runner…or maybe it’s the running fox runner!

The Lake County Fairgrounds building was full of wonderful vendors!

There were so many beautiful fiber things to look at but I did so quickly so that I would not be tempted! Thanks Carol for another great fair.

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