I am SO Frustrated!

You haven’t heard much about my quilt design from Gail Garber’s class…..because I become disheartened. I just read the last time I posted about it and I have been working on it since then with little result. I think my design was too ambitious, but because I have been working on it at home, there was no one to say this. I really want to finish it, but I am not enjoying trying to figure out how to sew it together. The result? I have not been sewing. That never makes me happy. So I have decided to give myself a carrot – and that is that I will work on an easier quilt along with this hard one. I will tell you about the new one later.

What – – – a mess! I really don’t know what happened to that piece of quilt that I showed you. I took it all apart and remeasured and put the pattern pieces back on the background fabrics and did more measuring and it all should have worked… It’s really frustrating when you don’t understand what the problem is. I guess I should put taking a longer class with Gail Garber on my to-do list. Now I am sure that my design was too advanced (curvey!) for my skill level. Gail warned us not to cut up our original patterns {sigh} so I have been taping everything back together to make the new background pieces. For a change, I have a lot of the background fabric so I am able to do this experimenting!

Quiltfever guessed it – my Plan B was always to appliqué some of the circles on the quilt top and now I will appliqué them all! Quiltfever also suggested appliquéing the flying geese as well, but they have lots and lots of seams with fat bunches of fabric on their edges which would be messy to appliqué , so I took a stab at piecing them. I would like them to have a smooth edge ….so far so good.

One side went together smoothly, but the other did not. I was about to throw the whole thing in the trash when I realized that a star was going to go where the rumple/pleat/baggy bit was. So last night I hand appliquéd the star on with this result. {whew)

Today I am on the home stretch of piecing the background together and am hoping for the best.

And I do have some good news. I have finally had my first lesson on how to use my Bernina! Peter was about to call the store and really give them grief for letting me hang so long. Customer service must not be their strong suit – the other woman in the class has had her machine since October and this is the first class she has been able to attend…  We were halfway through the 2 hour class when I realized we weren’t sewing! I said that I really needed to be able to sew a seam before I got home. The instructor immediately switched gears and we did seams. Garment sewers, home deco people and quilters all need to be able to sew seams for heaven’s sake! Can you imagine that the first lesson would not include that??? I guess the Swiss think they have a better way. The bad news is that the next class isn’t for a month….

3 thoughts on “I am SO Frustrated!

  1. The quilt is looking good, so far. I would never let the lack of a class keep me from using a new machine. I’d have the manual out, check on YTube for videos and plain experiment until I figured it out. They cost too much money to waste time waiting. It’s just a power tool with thread. Go for it!


  2. Sometimes it’s more about perseverence than anything-it’s looking fabulous! BTW, Bernina shouldn’t be that way-our local dealers are offering classes every month.


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