Free Fabric Friday: florals

Though the weeds seem to be thriving in this unpleasant weather, it is too darn hot to work outdoors. The basement/studio area is the coolest place to be and so I have been weeding down here. Periodically I go through my fabric stash, wondering why I bought a particular fabric or thinking that I will never use this print again…

The first group of fabrics I am thinning is the florals. I started collecting them when we lived in Tokyo and the watercolor quilt craze hit. I think I had a watercolor quilt on my design board before we moved back to the US. The next time I bought a bunch of florals was in Evergreen, when my quilting friends wanted to make watercolor quilts. We did a big trade of 2″ squares, and I remember again a quilt taking shape on my design board. I really do like watercolor quilts and I have no idea why I have never gotten one made.

I like florals, but it turns out that I don’t often use them in quilts! Don’t know why. So I thought I’d have a giveaway. Here is a nice wad of florals and perhaps it has your name on it! Included in this group will be some Liberty of London lawn prints. The Japanese quilters love Liberty fabric and I collected many fat quarters there. Leave a comment for me about how you might use these happy fabrics and I will choose a winner on Wednesday.

And – even more exciting news than a fabric giveaway – online registration for Quilt Festival in Houston begins on the 9th!!! Yippee!

6 thoughts on “Free Fabric Friday: florals

  1. I am glad you have a place to get away to so you are not out in the heat. I will be glad to see cooler temperatures. I love all types of floral fabric-maybe it is the garden part of me for the indoors. Sad that you are giving fabric away but I would love to have any you might want to part with. I am thinking a round table quilt for the table by my chair would be nice or a square one big enough that the corners will hang over the edge. I like to keep something flowery on it.

    I hope you can stay cool. I’m guessing the kitties don’t get a lot of outdoor time when it is hot like this. Simon is upset that I will not leave a window clear so he can sit and watch for his kitty friends. It is so hot and dry here that the leaves have begun to fall just like it was Autumn. Sad.


  2. I agree, Debbie, it is too hot to weed the garden! I am hoping all my new friends in Chicago are staying cool. Barb and I missed both weeks of intense heat when we were there for the Fiber Fair. It is hot here, too, but nowhere near what you are experiencing! Thank goodness for air conditioning!


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