Free Fabric Friday: Christmas in July

I went through my holiday fabric bin yesterday – it was spilling on the floor. Here is a bit of Halloween which will be in the bundle. If you’d specifically like to have this fabric, leave a reply to that effect.

I have a lot of Christmas fabric! I should not be allowed in quilt stores when it is out. I always say that I don’t need one more piece and then I wander over…. How many Christmas quilts can one quilter make???

The real problem with collecting Christmas fabrics, and the manufacturers certainly know this, is the greens and reds clash with each other from year to year. I don’t need my quilts to be match-matchy but I don’t like them to be jarring either. Red and green together are enough of a contrast.

Leave a comment if you would like to get some great Christmas fabrics and get a quilt made for the occasion. And don’t feel badly for me as I still have quite a stack tucked away for when the spirit moves me!

One thought on “Free Fabric Friday: Christmas in July

  1. I would love your Halloween fabrics. I adore Halloween fabrics. If anyone doesn’t want your Christmas fabric, I’ll take some too. I am collecting whatever I can lay my hands on so I can have a good selection.


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