It’s Finished – and the Carrot That Kept Me Motivated

Here it is – – – the completed Gail Garber quilt top!!! Whew. I am SO glad that it’s done. As Quiltskipper commented, persistence was required and that’s not my strong suit. After taking the photo, I hung it up and it looks quite out of shape. I was going to trim it but it’s probably better to wait until after I quilt it. And I plan to use the new Big (Ber) Nina and the BSR if I can figure it out.

Here is my pattern sheet. I was very happy to throw it in the trash.

To make me get back to the stars quilt I gave myself a carrot to work on, something I really wanted to do and was easier. I would work on the stars and then work on the new one. I “store” quilt patterns in my head and I have long admired this pattern – is it called streak of lightning? Perhaps it’s just a zig zag? The section below will be the center; alternating triangles of the dotty, warm colored batik with a variety of whites, beiges and white on whites. So far so good!

I am not a big fan of beige, but several years ago I found a wallpaper in a magazine that I just LOVED. The print looks like the true Balinese batiks and I so wanted it. The magazine showed it in blue and white, which I really liked, but in the interest of Peter and in selling the house, I was glad to see that it came in beige and white. It is an awfully girly print and I thank Peter for agreeing to hang it every time I walk into the bedroom and look at it. It’s called Cut Paper and it’s made by Thibaut.

I remember when we sold our house in Colorado the realtor wanted everything to match. Not quite my style, but after looking at houses recently, probably a good idea. So – here are curtains that I sewed awhile ago. So everything will match and be neutral, but still interesting.

I chose streak of lightning as I thought  it would be a great “background” for another idea I have. I will let you know later what comes next….

3 thoughts on “It’s Finished – and the Carrot That Kept Me Motivated

  1. Congratulations–good job of teasing yourself into sticking with it. I know Gail will be proud to see a student finish. I really like your lightening quilt. What a dramatic outcome for such a simple idea.


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