Visitors Coming & Boy’s Room Completed

Peter’s nephew, his wife and great nephews #3, #4 and #5 are coming to visit today and I have been madly cleaning! I am a terrible housekeeper and since we so rarely have visitors, it doesn’t matter to me what state the bedrooms are in. One thing on the list was to finish the “boy’s room” that I started. You saw it with the new shelves and wool arranged in it. We went to Ikea and got a nice twin bed and here it is!

The fabric draped over the wool shelves is going to be a curtain that will cover the shelves. The people looking at the house next year do not need to see my wool collection and it will look so tidy. The little nine patch quilt over the bed is one that I made awhile ago. I guess we should call this The Ikea Bedroom, as it is framed in a shadow box frame from there!

Each bed

and sleeping bag has at least one quilt draped on it and that pleases me very much.

Although I call myself a fiber artist, I am a craftsman at heart. I have always loved to make beautiful and useable, useful textiles. Peter and I like to wake up under a handmade quilt, walk on a hooked rug in the hall and spill milk on handwoven placemats. Though I understand art quilting, and I make lots of things to hang on the wall, I have never understood their disdain for anything useful! I also hope my niece in law takes a good look at the quilts being used. I have given each of her boys a quilt but she refuses to use them – she says they are heirlooms! Believe me, I do not make heirloom quilts for little boys, I made them to be loved to tatters. We’ll see!

P.S. I just made my annual donation to The National Quilt Museum in Paducah Kentucky. Peter and I went there some years ago and it is a wonderful place. Though all the quilt shows are super, at the museum you can get so close to the quilts, you can really see all the wonderful work involved. I was a docent at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum when we lived in Colorado and I know first hand that keeping a quilt museum going is very difficult. The big art museums are the first to get federal dollars and grants and then there is less and less money as you go down the list. Think about a donation and do visit!

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