Whew! Back to My Quiet Life

Great Nephews #3, #4, and #5 and their parents have come and gone, leaving a sprinkling of Lake Michigan sand and lots of dirty laundry. I taught Second Grade for many years but have never been a parent, so I don’t always cope well with young visitors! Particularly those who open every door and go in rooms they’ve been asked not to! Jasmine tried to be friendly, but got scared off and Gizmo is the definition of a scaredy cat and is still hiding. I spent a lot of Sunday watching the Olympics and resting up…  ;-D

I took them to “the beach” at Lake Michigan and that turned out to be the best thing I did with them – – – everyone was happy. No tears… no pouting…

They went right into the water and had a lovely time. Every day they wanted to go back, but we had rain early each morning and there was a rip current warning, which meant no swimming. Some tears… lots of pouting…

After the marathon of cleaning I did before their visit, I’d like to take a break from that, but a lot of miscellaneous stuff ended up in my studio (where I kept asking them not to go into!!!) and I need to get it straightened up again, not to mention doing lots of laundry. That’s first on the list this week.

The day before they arrived I had another Bernina sewing lesson. It was worse that the first one, so another plan for this week is reading the manual and learning the machine myself . (And Bernina USA is going to hear about how poorly this store is handling their obligation of providing lessons!) I have been looking at my pile of quilt tops and trying to decide which one will be the first experiment on (Ber)Nina and using the BSR. The Gail Garber quilt is going to wait a bit as I want to practice before I start that one. I am thinking maybe I will play with this very old red and white house top.

During the Olympic events that I don’t have to watch closely (swimming and track for sure), I am working on the No Neck Birds rug. I have already hooked 2012 in the corner, so I do need to keep moving along so I don’t have to change the date. And I have two woven Christmas runners completed and am wondering just how much warp is left to be woven.

Like a vacation, it’s great to have visitors, but really wonderful when they leave and life returns to normal!

3 thoughts on “Whew! Back to My Quiet Life

  1. This post made me homesick for Michigan…

    p.s. Your quilting is AWESOME. It’s an art that I would absolutely love to learn. I used to work at a t-shirt quilting place and worked the long-arm quilting machine to sew tops to backing, but while there may be an art involved in that it doesn’t teach you much about quilting! That was the only step of the process I could do. Anyway, I love your art!


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