An Enormous Thank You

It’s been a really fun week on the Blogosphere. After I posted my Henry Ford travelogue on Monday, I received an e-mail from the WordPress crew that it was chosen to be on their home page, which is called Freshly Pressed. I was stunned. The post was up there for about 24 hours and it was amazing. Previously, my biggest day had 98 readers and I still have no idea what caused that. WIth the exposure on the Freshly Pressed page, I had almost 1000 readers in two days, from 12 different countries!

Lots of people “liked” the blog and many also commented. One lady was at the museum the same time that we were and many had stories to tell about cars or Michigan or Indian weddings. It was a real hoot sewing in the studio and listening to my computer bing as people left comments and “liked” the post.

I want to thank the WordPress folks for thinking my blog was worth such an honor.

Thanks to those of you who regularly read my blog and particularly those who comment; it’s nice to hear your voices.

And welcome to my new followers!

I am still smiling…..

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