The Livingroom Rug Quilt

The last post showed you the finished middle section of the streak of lightning quilt, and I told you about the machine applique that I plan to add. It’s at a great stopping point and it’s folded away in a basket for a bit – because – I am starting a new quilt!

One of my resolutions this year was to only take classes that really, really interested me and that taught a project that I would want to complete. I signed up for a class several months ago and have kept “a spot” for it in my mental calendar and was glad when the streak of lightning was at a good stopping point. The class that I took was with Toby Lischko and it dealt with paperless paper piecing. Her technique is similar to that of Judy Mathieson as she uses freezer paper for the foundation. I knew bits of a lot that she taught, but she has a great process and makes very lovely quilts. Here’s what I did in class. I chose these fabrics quickly as this was to be a sample only, but I do like the result and will file this for a later project.

Though I usually don’t make other people’s patterns, I really do like this one that Toby taught and have decided to make a quilt to “match” the livingroom rug. I have made two other attempts at this. The first one was the swirling flowers hand pieced top that I lost somewhere in Pennsylvania!!! The second attempt was this drunkard’s path pattern that I designed on EQ6. I like it and I do think it has possibilities, but it doesn’t sing to me.

Yesterday I dragged many fabrics into the livingroom along with the pattern and sorted through them. I brought beiges, dark blues and lots of pinky, burgundy and reddish colors. There are also some greens.

Here is the first bunch of colors I’m going to try. The beige dotty and dark blue batik will be backgrounds. The many pinky reds will be in the flying geese sections and the blues will be in the Lady Liberty part. The green is for an accent.

I generally don’t do this, but Toby suggests starting with a focus fabric. I usually search for a patterned fabric that works with the main colors, and here it is. This is a treasured Hoffman print that is practically an antique. I bought it in the mid 1980’s I think (!) and I was not a quilter! I just had to have it and put it in a closet. When I began quilting, I still I didn’t use it. I have always loved it and saved it and saved it for a special project. I have cut a few hunks out of it but I have enough left {I hope !} for the borders.

I probably bought this one at the same time and I am planning to use it in the center of each arc.

So – off to the sewing machine to see how this looks. Yippee! A new project!

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