More Auditions for the Carpet Quilt Top

I forgot to show you something fun that comes with Toby Lischko‘s patterns. There are lots of templates inside the bag and most are to use for “conventional” piecing or to cut rough pieces for paper piecing. Then there are two other big templates and these are to help trim the arcs after they are pieced. If you have pieced arc shapes before, then you know how thick all the accumulated seams can get. These can be difficult to mark and trim neatly. Toby disliked the inaccuracy of trying to trim these by hand and designed templates to help.

Isn’t this tidy ? And when you are paper piecing, tidy is what you are striving for!

I have been sewing away on a new color combination; substituting green for blue. Here is the green New York Beauty section that I did. I liked the greens alone, downstairs, but near the rug it makes my teeth ache – it’s way too bright!

I had this quilt all planned in my head and I thought it was going to be easy, but it is not cooperating! Back to the sewing machine I go…I’m piecing the red and blue sections as I root around for duller greens.

3 thoughts on “More Auditions for the Carpet Quilt Top

  1. I must remember your saying for a fabric combo you are not please with–makes my teeth ache. I love it and I’m sure I will be using it! Very cool template. Did she tell you to put Invisigrip on the back? If not, get some and try it. It keeps the template from slipping on your fabric.


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