Visiting a New “ville”!

I just came home from another where-to-live-next trip. I always plan to blog while on the road, but then I rediscover how “funky” the WordPress app is on my iPad and don’t have enough spare energy to deal with it. As I have said before, I consider these business trips as I am making a lot of important decisions and trying to take everything in. First up on this trip was Greenville. I had not heard about it but Peter said that his new boss said that his parents moved there some years ago and love it and he does too. Then it was featured in Where to Retire magazine this Summer. Because I have read so much about the revitalized downtown, I decided to stay on Main Street rather than in the outskirts of town. We don’t want to live in the downtown area, but you do want to know what it’s like. And Wow! The hype is not exaggerated – it is quite wonderful! This is what you first hear about, the wonderful Reedy River Falls area. I took a little video with my iPhone but evidently I need a WordPress upgrade to post it.

Legal “Hooch” is for sale on Main Street! The barrel that the bottles are sitting on filled the air with a heady aroma!

There are all sorts of trails around the river and beautiful views of the buildings on Main Street. There are many performing arts venues and this one is an outdoor amphitheater.

The downtown area has a lot of new buildings (the realtor said that they had unfortunately taken a lot of the old beauties down)

but I discovered this great place.

After wandering around the commercial district, I walked down some residential ones. Greenville has its share of lovely mansions

and Bungalows.

Our first house was a bungalow and though I doubt we could fit in one now, I do love them.

Greenville has lots going on. On Friday nights in the Summer and I guess early Fall, they have music on Main Street. There is entertainment for the kids,

libations for the adults and on this particular Friday they were playing “my” music! Of course all the many wonderful restaurants were open but the stores were too and it was a great party atmosphere. People bring their lawn chairs and listen and dance and chat with their friends. There is also a Saturday market that was large and enticing.

Greenville has certainly come up with a great downtown area and events to make people want to go there.

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