More About Greenville

My Greenville realtor was amazing!!! We have moved many times over the years and she was absolutely The Best. She did show me some houses in several different areas, but what Peter pointed out to me as I was talking with him on the phone, was that she was selling Greenville to me……and on a where-to-live-next trip that’s key. If we like an area then we will find a home we like. If I find houses I like but am uncertain about the area, well, that’s tricky. What most impressed me was that she tuned in on the part where I said I was arty. I included that in all the e-mails to the realtors when they asked more about us. First she took me to see the studio of the Metroplpolitan Arts Council. There I was able to chat with them about what was going on in the area and collect lots of information. Another stop was to check out a new gallery , Art & Light Gallery, that had opened and talk to Teresa Roche, the owner. I was immediately taken by a great series of sheep paintings. I used to do a lot of spinning and worked on a sheep farm, so they are dear to my heart.

Should we move to Greenville, I will want to buy one of these!

We also stopped by a place called The Art Bomb, where artists have studios. Coincidentally, the man who showed us around paints the sheep and I was able to see a work in progress as well as look into some very interesting studios. His name is Paul Flint.

Here are a few houses that I saw. I loved the view from this place on nearby Paris Mountain. Should we live there, our neighbor would be George Hincapie!

I did want to peek at some of the older places in the downtown area. This is a bedroom in a grand old brick home with matching pergolas on each side. It was filled with lovely antiques and was quite a time capsule. I had the feeling that it would be a money pit as well as needing a good airing out!

This was over a doorway in another lovely old home. Usually stuffed birds stand regally over the fireplace but this turkey was flying over a doorway. It startled me so much that I shrieked!

Greenville is a lot hotter than I’d like, but I saw some pools tucked into secret backyards.

If you’ve spent any time with realtors, you know that they are an incredible source of information and seem to know everyone and what’s happening locally, so it’s both exhilarating and exhausting spending a day or two with them. My realtor showed me that there’s a lot to like about Greenville and it’s pretty close to other interesting places!

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