Re-visiting a “ville”

If you follow along with me, you know that on my last trip to the Asheville/Hendersonville area, my realtor dumped me! I have always liked Asheville and wanted to know more about Hendersonville, so I made a date with a new realtor. But on Sunday I enjoyed a craft fair at The Southern Highland Craft Guild’s venue on the Blue Ridge Parkway with my friend Molly. There were folks demonstrating traditional crafts and music and dance and a beautiful black & white show. I did not realize that photography was not allowed until I was yelled at. Here are some illegal pictures of the lovely work! Isn’t this sgraffito ceramic piece amazing?

Photography is not allowed in the gallery area either, but oh well, here is another illegal shot! There are lots of items for sale.

Once again, it rained! When I was in the area in June, it rained off and on and was misty and humid. This time there was torrential rain. Buckets and buckets of it. Consequently, I don’t have a lot of pictures and it was nasty to be in and out of the car all day.

But house hunting is house hunting! This realtor took me to many houses over a two-day period and I liked so many of them. There’s a mountain – Craftsman – bungalow style to so many houses that appeals to me. The properties are perched on both sides of the mountains, meaning that even if a house looks ordinary on the front, it likely has a drop dead gorgeous view in the back. I saw several little ponds with koi. I would love that!

Our Colorado house had enormous windows full of sky and mountain views, so here is a Flat Rock place that I liked.

And another in Hendersonville. I love how the builders built the fireplace into the window. I imagine sitting there on a cool winter day, enjoying the warmth and the view. The poor realtor was really distressed about the weather and the lack of views in all the places she took me to. But I have a good imagination and I like rainy, foggy days.

This bathroom was super! Though I am not a fan of tubs, I like the shape of this one. And showering “in the open” – I haven’t seen that since a trip to Bali. Might be a tad cold in the winter months…

On my time off, I looked for quilt stores and indoor things to do. It was just too dismal to drive around and try to look at houses with all the trees, rain and fog. I found an enormous antique mall and enjoyed poking around. There were huge statues all over the place – I really was curious about where they’d been in their previous life. Of course I liked the antler chandelier as well. We had one in Colorado which I sold before we moved. Huh. Who knew I might need it again?!?

And I found a treasure for myself! I love old tins and sewing related items and I discovered this Putnam dye holder. It was a lot less expensive than any I’d seen elsewhere and even with shipping, it was a deal. The post office really squashed the box so I’ll ask Peter to try to straighten it a bit. And I know…I should be getting rid of things, not acquiring them…{sigh}

It was a great visit and I saw so may wonderful places. There’s a lot to think about.

4 thoughts on “Re-visiting a “ville”

    • I have been to Paducah. It appeals to me but it is too small; we like a bit more action than there. We visited Louisville a few years ago but weren’t thinking of moving then. We liked it so it could be on the list. Never heard of Jeffersonville IN! I’ll check it out. Thanks for your “villa” ideas. ;-D


      • Jeffersonville, IN is just across the Ohio river from Louisville. It gives you the closeness of a big city with the advantages of a small town.

        Louisville has become much more artist friendly in the last few years. Several new galleries have been opened in the last five or so. There are some nice textile artists groups as well.

        Umm… I seem to recall there is a gallery devoted to rug hooking, embroidery, weaving and that type art. I’m not exactly sure though. I can find out if you want. I could go on and on promoting our area but I’ll not bother you that much.


      • This is great info! I envy someone who loves where they live. I’m done with where-to-live-next trips for this year…..there are other trip happening, but will keep this in mind. Thanks! ;-D


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