Third Try is the Charm!

No matter what is going on, I am always working on one project or another. {Idle hands ;-D} The livingroom rug quilt is the machine piecing project at the moment. And here we go again with more auditioning! I sewed some duller greens and they do look nice. So here are the pieces all together.

I asked Peter to look at them with me on the livingroom rug. I laid Toby’s pattern beside the bits so that we could try to imagine the finished quilt. It just didn’t look great… Peter suggested that I also audition fabrics for the bias detail on Toby’s quilt and I added that…huh…

Here is Toby’s quilt. As you can see, I flipped the dark and light areas. Nothing wrong with that except Peter and I noticed that in my version, there is a dark background next to the dark border. They seemed to mush together and I do want each area of the quilt to shine. So – more auditioning.

Here’s the result of flipping the dark and light areas.

It’s probably hard to see, but I also used another colorway of the dotty batik. I think this one is called mushroom and it’s a good name for it! It’s duller than the other one and has more colors in common with the rug. It also has pink and red dots, so it looks great with the flying geese.

And good news! I am sewing these with my new Bernina! The sewing store realized what a complete disaster the classes were and started new classes right away. The other student hasn’t been coming so I am getting one-on-one lessons! Hooray & finally!

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