The Grove Fest

The Grove Fest is an annual event held in Glenview IL. You can read about the history of this beautiful former farm on their website.  This is the second year that we have demonstrated and we Foxy Ladies again teamed up with the Loopy Ladies rug hooking guild. And, just like last year it was really cold! We have a lovely space under a roof and there is a big fireplace there, so it is a great spot to get warmed up. We had quite a good show of hooked pieces! In going through my pictures, I noticed that there are a lot of Foxy Ladies finishes. Barbara finished her amazing fox runner and Pam brought a foxy rug that she had made as well!

Pam completed her lovely Oriental rug. Isn’t it impressive-looking? I’d love to see it in her home.

And Karen finished her matrix design runner, though at least half of it is missing in this picture….. The rainy day ladies above Karen’s piece were hooked by Diane (I think!). Click on the photo to see the details – they are very fun.

Susan is working on another partially hooked piece by her mother. This is a really pretty bird design.

Here is what a Loopy Lady looks like! {;-D} This woman is working on a portrait of her mother from an old photograph – it is amazing! Ann (?) is also a quilter so we had a good day of chatting about  the may crafts we love to do.

This is always fun – to see the same pattern hooked in entirely different styles. The one on the left was hooked by Linda and I believe the one on the right is by Beth.

Here is Leslie, on the home stretch of hooking a great floral rug. Can you see how many layers she is wearing? There was a mighty cold breeze blowing…

I believe the floral rug was hooked by Diane. I don’t know who Calvin’s owner might be! Isn’t he dear?

This is a great grouping, really highlighting the variety of hooking designs and styles.

Santa belongs to Susan and was very popular with the kids. I saw one pair trying to carry him off!

This is just a sampling of the rugs on display and being hooked. The people who attended the fair really got a great overview of the craft of traditional rug hooking.

My apologies to the Loopy Ladies and anyone else I did not credit! If you would like me to add your name to your rug, please leave a comment! I am bad with names and did not actually know who hooked each piece….

7 thoughts on “The Grove Fest

  1. I don’t know how I stumbled on your blog but I did, and now I’m on some post about some show and see Karen’s oriental, Karen Maddi, not sure of spelling, but hey if you see her on a regular basis, tell her wendy from michigan says hi.


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