Prairie Treasures Quilt Show: part two

Here are some more great quilts! I am a big fan of star quilts and this one is a stunner! It’s called Stars with Flair, made by Sandra Bils and machine quilted by Edith Hubbard. She says in the description that there are 6 colorways in the quilt that she chose to go with the border fabric, which I seem to have cut off!  The design source is The Big Book of Scrap Quilts. I just love the curved bias pieces around the sharp, sharp points.

And here is another stunning paper pieced star design by the Niemeyers. Judy Martin made Amazon Star and it was machine quilted by Nancy Gambrel. The colors are muted but there is good contrast so that the star really shines.

I studied this quilt for a long time. It is an original design (!) and it’s such an interesting one. It’s called Drunkard’s Ladder and was pieced and quilted by Kari Grece. She says that it’s a combination of Jacob’s Ladder and a Drunkard’s Path pattern. The curved pieces are machine appliquéd and she did a quilt as you go technique on each square. The color story is unusual – the bright squares offset by the duller ones.

There were many quilts made with 30’s fabric in quite traditional patterns but this one caught my eye. I liked it so much. When I looked at the photo as I edited it, I realized why – it looks like a handwoven coverlet pattern! So often at a show it is hard to step away to see the larger picture. All the squares and rectangles look so clean and crisp on the white background. It is called Materialize and was made and quilted by Sue Pawlowski. The tag says that it is a pattern by Jack Squares Studio. (Turns out that Sue P is a local designer and long arm quilter!) There are some containers of scraps in my studio that are calling me….

This was the last quilt that I looked at and what a sweet design it is! Nancy Merlak made this for her 6 year old granddaughter! It’s called Let’s Dress Up and the pattern is by Arcadia. Edith Hubbard machine quilted it. When I was little, I was quite the Tomboy, but I would have adored this bed topper. What I so disliked about wearing dresses back in the Dark Ages was the crinoline! It was so scratchy and uncomfortable around my middle and I was always itching it.

Here is one of the squares so you can see all the detail. I had several pinafores that I liked very much (no crinoline!). My mother usually put some little surprise in the pockets and so I looked forward to wearing them. Do you see the tiny flower button like a minute corsage? Each square is full of details.

Hope you enjoyed this quilt show. I certainly did!

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