A Wild Weekend!

I was in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania for most of last week, though it wasn’t as lovely as usual. Because of the approaching storm, it was gray and cloudy and dismal. When I am visiting where I grew up, I am always crazy-busy, visiting friends and relatives. It was fun to have Peter arrive later in the week as he rarely comes. We stayed with my cousin and enjoyed catching up with her. I was also pleased to photograph the quilt and sham I designed for her some years ago.

The big event of the weekend was my niece’s wedding. It seemed like the outdoor wedding was doomed, but the weather held and it even lightened up – a bit. She had it at a fancy special event place in New Hope and it was an amazing venue. This is the front door of the inn – aren’t these colors yummy?

Holly Hedge is on an estate in New Hope. If you know the area, you drive up River Road and turn left at Dilly’s Corner. It has an inn, a large barn and several small buildings…

…and such serene grounds. I am sure that my niece got lots of great photos taken.

Her flowers were in vibrant Fall colors, which really glowed in the gloomy light. This is a fountain in the patio where the ceremony was held.

We also had drinks and appetizers there and in a little barn nearby. My favorite were these tiny cups of tomato soup with a grilled cheese point on the top!

In looking through my photos, I see that I have no pictures of Kim & Lester together, but here are some other folks you might like to admire… ;-D

During the fun evening, Peter got an e-mail saying that his flight out of Philadelphia on Monday had been cancelled, and obviously mine heading a different direction was as well. After having just one more drink at the after party, we went back to our room to figure out what to do. I had booked a hotel at the airport Sunday night because of our early flights, so we had that, but could we extend the reservation? Peter was trying to get through to United to book something for Saturday, to no avail. I then stared checking on Travelocity. I had the bright idea that if we drove to Pittsburgh, we might fly out of there. Huh. Turns out that there are no direct flights to Chicago and the connections are in Phillie or DC! Suddenly Peter said “We should rent a car and drive!”. To which I immediately said “It will be an adventure!”. Amazingly enough he got a one way price of $100 – I assumed that a one way rental would be terribly expensive. It was late by then and we decided to get going at 6. It wasn’t to be. The walls of the inn were paper-thin and the couple next door was being loud…I won’t go into details…for a really long time. Then they both started snoring with the TV on!!!!!!!!!! That sort of rudeness makes me very angry but we could not reach the innkeepers to complain and Peter is never keen on knocking on doors at night. Around 4 AM, Peter asked if I was asleep (the TV was making me nuts, so no!) and we got up, threw our things in our bags and headed off to Phillie to exchange the rental cars. The airport was a madhouse at 6, swarming with all the lucky souls who did get flights out.

If you were watching the weather yesterday, you know that the big deal is that two storms were headed towards each other. We hit the western one around Pittsburgh, and Peter drove through that. It was heavy rain and fog and lots of trucks. About Toledo, it cleared up and I took over as Peter napped. And then I started to see it – 6 ambulances streaming Eastbound – 6 more – then 12 more. Then I saw 5 orange Asplundh trucks go by – 5 more – 5 more – followed by 5 bucket trucks. It was astounding! We stopped counting the bucket variety of truck about 350! Because of the medians in the middle of the turnpikes we couldn’t see the licences, but it felt like crews in many states had left around 8 and were headed to some pre arranged spot to set up and aid in the messy aftermath of Sandy. We saw a lot of smaller rental trucks, which I assume had other equipment, as well as trucks with portable generators stacked on the back. I have to say it was impressive and heartening to see how well people are planning to deal with this massive storm.

So, thanks to Peter, I am happily sipping on coffee and writing to you – – – and the sun is out! And I am laughing as none of us will ever forget Kim & Lester’s wedding weekend.

And now I must get packing for my next trip – – – Houston Texas here I come!

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