Houston Quilts – Natural Beauties

All of us who had the pleasure of attending the Fall Quilt Festival are busy posting pictures of our favorite quilts. It’s interesting to see what each of us chose. Today I’m going to share some floral and nature themed quilts. First, here is Prairie Grass by Freida Anderson. I spent some time looking at it and then returned another day to photograph it. This triptych is so calm and serene. I really liked its elegant simplicity.

Staying with the triptych theme, you may recognize this pattern! This version of Melinda Bula’s pattern is Zinnias Three by Jean Smith. It’s a great to see some other color schemes. I’d like to make two more but I just don’t have the time at the moment…

And now an incredibly bright and beautiful quilt. This is Tulips by Charlotte Hickman. I really admire this original design, from tulips in her garden. (Lucky lady – the deer eat mine!) She has used her own hand dyed and hand painted fabrics and they are amazing. From where I was standing, I thought it was machine appliqued, but she did needle turn appliqué. So quilts don’t have to be fused or pieced to look “contemporary”.

This exquisite piece is by a Japanese artist, Toshie Kato. It’s called My Secret Garden. It makes me think of a crewel pattern that I saw in the Victoria & Albert museum a few years ago . The colors are yummy!

Here is another Japanese quilt, in the group category. I was again struck by the delicate and juicy color scheme, and the pale, pale yellow background that the flowers are on. It’s called Dear Friends and was created by Michiko Yanagihara and 8 friends. This is just a detail so you can see the lovely work they did! The quilt has a sheen to it and I thought the fabrics might be silks, but they are cottons.

One last quilt for today, and this one was not in the show. It’s another of Melinda Bula‘s flowers that I spent two days in her classroom admiring. The day lilies are so realistic and I love the hot petals against the cool leaves.

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