More of My Favorites from Houston

This seems like a very appropriate quilt to start a November blog with! This is a wonderful design and quite difficult to photograph. The raven’s feathers are made up of so many dark colors and textures. It is called My Inner Raven and it was designed and made by Cat Larrea.

The very talented David Taylor did not disappoint with his entry this year. Hidden Treasures depicts baby hummingbirds. From a distance, I thought they were thrushes, perhaps because I have never seen a hummer’s nest. Davis does amazing hand appliqué and machine quilting.

Philippa Naylor had two entries this year, but I seem to have photographed only one. This is a close up of her quilt entitled Tumbling Blocks. The color scheme features her juicy hand dyed fabrics and the curved piecing is really great. If you look closely, you will see that she actually made 3D pieces on some of the blocks!

The Japanese love of taupes and their amazing skill with hand done anything is evident in this masterpiece by Yasuko Sugaya. It’s called Flower Quartet, and is entirely hand done… She made it as a gift to her daughter – lucky girl! I hope that she uses and loves this incredible quilt.

And it was great to come upon Jane Sassaman‘s Tree of Life quilt, displayed by a vendor. It is such a wonderful design, and I like it as much as when I first saw it!

Here is Karen Buckley‘s Fiesta Mexico quilt. She won a well deserved prize for this quilt, along with the woman who did the machine quilting. The colors are so bright and happy and the design so striking.

This close-up of Karen’s quilt has to go last because of its shape. I think this long rectangle is my favorite “square” in the quilt. There is a lot of beautiful design going on and just this piece would have been perfect to hang between the large windows we had in our Colorado livingroom.

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