A Raft of Turkeys!

When the realtor and I drove up to a home in Hendersonville, SC this was the sight that greeted us! There were two dozen or more turkeys. I wish this photo were better – the turkeys were so brilliantly colored – but it was pouring rain and they were hurrying into the shelter of the woods. I was delighted and said “What is a group of turkeys called?” and she said a flock. I doubted that and checked when I got back to my room. How could such beautiful turkeys be simply a flock? They are called a raft or a gang! Of course once you get going on this idea, you have to read on. Here is a website for the curious, about group names.

A group of monkeys is – – – a barrel !!! Yes, it is actually their group name. They are also a troop, but I bet that’s only when they are behaving. ;-D

Did you know that cats have a group name? How did I not know this?!?! They are a clowder or a pounce. And kittens are a litter, a kindle or an intrigue. This particular kindle includes Big Boy, Little Boy and Caraway, whom we kept.

The classic book on this topic, which I used to have and seems to be gone, is An Exaltation of Larks. It is beautifully illustrated and would make a great gift. The one I have linked to seems to be an updated version of my book, which includes fascinating group names such as a pocket of quarterbacks and a shrivel of critics

I was just at the grocery store, picking out a turkey for Thanksgiving. I wonder what a group of frozen turkeys is called….

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