The Last time I Visited San Juan….

…was on Spring Vacation with my parents.

Richard Nixon was President.

My brother was in the Army and my mother cried every time a letter arrived.

The Blockbuster movies of the year were Midnight Cowboy, The Godfather, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. (What a super year for movies!!!)

We landed on the moon (I watched it at Ruth’s house).

Woodstock happened (I went to The Atlantic City Pop Festival a few weeks before that with Molly).

Laugh In and Sesame Street debuted on TV. Star Trek was cancelled and The Smothers Brothers were banned!

My best friends in high school were Molly and Ruth, and I was very interested in a boy named Peter.

I had many slides digitized a few years ago, slides that my father and I had snapped long ago, and I remembered this one. Dad took it on a gondola ride somewhere on the island. Wow – talk about long ago and far away!!!

I couldn’t resist remembering all this as we cruised to Puerto Rico…..what a walk down memory lane.

As you may imagine, San Juan is very colorful. This bottle is filled with something colorful and spicy; the waiter at lunch was a bit vague about the contents but full of cautions. It smelled divine but did make my eyes water! It is some mixture of vinegar and water, hot peppers and whole cloves of garlic. Yummy but dangerous.

San Juan spicy

We wandered around the old part of the city and all the buildings looked well-kept up and freshly painted. On the way to a dance show that evening, the driver said that the downtown area looked nice because of the recent elections! ” Things get done around here when people want to be elected” were his words.

San Juan color 1

And just a couple more colorful buildings…….

San Juan color 2

Not every building is bright and colorful. One of the great pleasures of a cruise is sailing in and out of beautiful ports and admiring impressive landmarks such as this famous fort as you drift by. It was built in the early 1500’s by Charles V of Spain.  Castillo San Felipe del Morro withstood many attacks over the years. The part sticking up is a lighthouse, which is still in use. I did not visit the fort on this trip, but I took loads of pictures of it the last time (I was taking photography in high school).

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

So – many, many years later, I enjoyed San Juan with that wonderful boy named Peter. Happily he was interested in me too, and continues to be after all these years…..

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