New Christmas Decorations!

It’s hard to return from a cruise in the Caribbean and immediately feel Christmas-y.  However, I have been digging out decorations and here’s what’s new this year. I was happy to hang this new cross stitch piece! I used to do a lot of cross stitch, but that was before I started quilting and rug hooking. I still enjoy doing it, but I am slow to complete projects. This is an old pattern from Birds of a Feather who do not make cross stitch patterns anymore. I did not pay attention to the color of fabric the directions suggested and now I am sorry that I chose a lighter one. Santa’s beard is hard to see and there is supposed to be a snowman between the trees. I started to stitch him and he was invisible. Next time perhaps I should lay the threads on the fabric before I start. Because I was sorry about the snowman, I stitched some beads to look like snow.

Birds of a Feather Cross Stitch

Many of you may think it’s stupid to buy Christmas sheets, but then again you may have never gone to all the trouble of piecing a Christmas quilt. ;-D I am quite fond of dots and these flannel sheets from Garnet Hill look wonderful with the quilt.

Garnet Hill sheets

I have NO business buying any more Santa’s, but I cannot resist. I have only bought one this year…. I like this rocking, plane flying guy. Peter loves to fly radio controlled airplanes, so this is for him. {ha!}

Rocking Santa

For those of you who may be keeping track of my unfinished projects, I did finish one that I thought I would save. In the Summer, I put a warp on my loom for Christmas rag runners and here are three of them! I was experimenting with the width and I think they may be too wide for a regular runner as we have a narrow table.

Christmas runners

However, for the snowman, who like to spend December in the dining room, the width is quite good. There is lots of room for them to cavort and entertain us while we eat.

Snowmen & runner

Here is an unexpected decoration this year – the Christmas Cactus is blooming! I can’t even remember when I bought this plant; it may be 5 years old. Of course it was blooming when I brought it home – it has been growing and I have transplanted it several times. Who knows why it decided to perform this year and at the proper time. One of my favorite Santa sits in front of it.

Christmas cactus

Outdoor Winter containers are very popular in Chicagoland and I took a class several years ago to learn how to put one together. Here is this year’s effort. I change out the decorations and usually, the greens look good well into March.

Winter container

Hmmmmmmm…it’s beginning to feel festive around our house. Now if it would snow…..

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