12.12.12 {gift ideas}

Who could resist posting today? I usually miss these interesting calendar numbers since I rarely write checks anymore, but 12.12.12 is all the buzz today.

The real topic of today’s post is gift ideas. I’ve just been out shopping and was thinking about this in the car.

Look at these cute wafer papers for cookies! I have never used them but I really like the look of them. What a great gift this would be for a quilter on your list. Fancy Flours has a huge selection, if these don’t appeal. If you like to bake, you need to take a look at their website. They have amazing products and lots and lots of great ideas. (And – gasp – they actually use the word Christmas!!!)

I found these kooky Christmas tree ornaments at Michael’s. We have a passel of great nephews and though I doubt they enjoy it, I usually include some decorations in their gift boxes. These would be a great start to an outer space tree…..

Michael's ornaments

Do you have a hard to shop for man on your list? I gave Peter a gift certificate to The Art of Shaving a few years ago and he loved it! He is a man who would not be caught dead at a salon and so the (very private) Shaving Spa that they have in their stores was perfect. They actually use a straight razor and so the shave is extra close. Their lotions and potions for shaving are really nice too. And speaking of straight razors, Peter had a collection from his father and grandfather that I had framed a few years ago. They are so beautiful and I love this picture of Peter’s father in high school! Framing keepsakes is always a special gift.

Frank's razors

If you need to buy lots of little gifts or need to fill stockings, here is my favorite online place, The Spoon Sisters. They have lots and lots of quirky and fun items. The Container Store has good stocking stuffers this year too, not to mention a super collection of wrapping paper.

Of course the best gifts are home-made ones….. The first years of our marriage, we were low on gift giving funds so I made a lot of gifts. Nowadays, I am less apt to do that – the recipient has to be someone who will love it, not the person who would rather have a gift card. Peter often gets an IOU for Christmas since it’s hard to work on something for him when he’s sitting nearby!

What are you all finding this year for your friends and relatives?

4 thoughts on “12.12.12 {gift ideas}

  1. Debbie,
    This is a great line-up. I love those kooky Christmas ornaments. I may have to pop on over to Michael’s to look for them. Alas we don’t have an Art of Shaving here in VT, but looks like there’s one in Philly. Maybe that would be a good one for my dad. Thanks for sharing these ideas and Merry Christmas to you.


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