Assembly Line Piecing

I have been sewing on the livingroom quilt when I have a few minutes. Now that the colors have been chosen, I call it assembly line piecing. I sew 6 of the flying geese at a time and when they are done, I sew 6 of the New York Beauty pieces. And then I add the middles and outside. It’s slow going, and repetition is not my favorite thing.

I have been using a variety of reds in the flying geese section. I bought some leather chairs to go with the livingroom rug and they are an orange-y sort of red. The reds in the rug are closer to magenta. Not that everything has to be match-y, match-y, but when I used just one red or the other in the sample blocks, it didn’t work well. And, it’s more fun to piece, to have a whole range of reds to choose from.

Lots of reds

Another technique that Toby Lishko talked about in class was fussy cutting the middles of her squares. It’s a nice detail and makes close of viewing of a quilt more interesting. I decided to use some of the border fabric in the center circle.I fussy cut some of the flowers and I am happy with the way they swirl.

When the design boards starts to fill up with pieces, it’s quite exciting! Is it time to piece a row or two?

Getting lots done

My plan is to piece all the squares needed for Toby’s design, plus one “assembly line” more, to play with. I would like to make the quilt larger, so it works better as a throw. But first I will figure out how much of the wonderful border fabric I have so I know how big I can go.

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