A Cat’s Christmas in Illinois

Wow – we forget every year how much there is to do between Christmas and New Years! A good vantage point is under the tree on the fairly new tree skirt.

Jas & tree skirt

It is seriously fun to play on the bed in crunchy tissue papers and bite the stockings on Christmas morning. If we have enough energy we rip the paper in shreds which Peter and Debbie find for months. We always want to nap after breakfast and the excitement of playing on the bed wears us out!

Sleeping puds

The big no-no is fooling in the new wrapping paper bin, but we so like to make Deb yell!

Gizmo & paper

Boxes….there are still so many boxes this year! Trash Day came at an inopportune time, so until next week there are loads of choices. Like Goldilocks, we move from carton to box to find the one with the new purple sweater or the toasty fleece tucked inside.

Gizmo's box

After Christmas there are generally projects to do, relating to gifts we assume. This year it’s been the installation of an Apple TV device. After Peter cleaned the very dirty cabinet, we had to make sure all the cables were connected to the proper ports. Of course it’s the boys who are good at such things.

Cable check

Being attentive, hanging around and looking adorable is important around mealtimes, at Christmas or any time of the year. They might forget to feed us after all!


When one gets weary of exploring, snacking on turkey and the looking cute thing, bliss is sleeping in the heater bed! This was purchased for the other cat, the very old Widget who liked heat to ease her arthritis. Neither of us youngsters “need” to get in the heater bed but we love it!!!!!!!! Whoever doesn’t grab it for the night has to go upstairs and sleep on Peter’s side of the bed because he turns the electric blanket on.

Jasmine in the heater bed

We sure hope you’re enjoying Christmas week as much as we are.

Jasmine & Gizmo

4 thoughts on “A Cat’s Christmas in Illinois

  1. I can relate to the cat antics…..I have four in the house to help me sew. Enjoyed your blog……this is the first time I have read a blog. It is inspiring!! I am currently vacationing in Gulf Shores, AL, but am a resident of Godfrey, IL. Raised in Mattoon, I came from a “quilting” Grandma. Have inherited many antique quilts from my family and treasure them.


    • Hi Linda~ so glad you found me. Blogging is fun and you meet a lot of nice people without leaving home! ;-D How nice to have family quilts; I have a treasured few from the deep, dark past. Enjoy your warm vacation – it is going to get wickedly cold in Chicagoland – and thanks for your comment.


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