Breaking Up With…

…tots! When I was little, we ate many dinners at the local “dairy bar” owned and run by dear family friends. Everyone ordered french fries but me, I liked tater tots. Since those long ago times, I’ve never found a place that doesn’t serve them dripping and soggy with oil…until recently. I really, really like fried foods but I think this is the year to cut down on them.

Tater tots!

…my bangs. I have had bangs for many years, but Peter will tell you that lately, they have been driving me crazy. My hair has turned into what I remember as my mother’s fly-away old lady hair and consequently my bangs want to curl and frizz and misbehave. The hot Chicago summer of 2012 as well as travels in warmer and more humid where-to-live-next trips convinced me that I need to grow them…… {I hate to grow bangs}

My bangs

…my untidy habits. Although I know where everything is, I am messy and I make little “nests” where ever I perch. This is where I sit in front of the T.V. It doesn’t look too bad as I have been simply hooking recently but there is generally some hand piecing stuff as well as magazines and books near my spot. Can’t be messy with the house on the market.

Hooking mess

…our house. I have longed to move for several years now and it just hasn’t been the right time, but this is the year! Though I am anxious to be gone, this house has been wonderful. And I am always sad to begin the process of de-personalizing and “sterilizing” our home for realtors to scrutinize and buyers to consider. Now begins the process of saying good bye…

Winter house

So here you have some of my resolutions, mostly dealing with The Big Move. What’s in or out for you all in 2013?

8 thoughts on “Breaking Up With…

    • LOL here! From the comments so far, it seems like us fiber types are nesters. Tots…I am already missing them. And around here many restaurants make shoestring fries with garlic and truffle salt….OMG they are delicious. ;-D


      • Deb, take shoestring fries and drizzle with ranch salad dressing, sprinkle with mozzarella and pop under the broiler for a couple minutes. OMG……lol


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